Lawn Irrigation Supplies Buying Guide

If you want to keep your lawn healthy and green, you must invest in quality lawn irrigation supplies. Having the right sprinkler can make all the difference and make your garden the envy of all your neighbors. However, buying quality supplies can be a daunting tasking with so many varieties selling in the market today. Here are some buying tips to help you buy a high-performance irrigation system for your lawn.

Find out the size of your lawn

The type of irrigation system you choose for your yard will first and foremost depend on the size of the yard. The size will determine the kind of control system, the number of valves and the size of hose to use. For instance, an expansive lawn requires a control system that can be operated from several stations in the house and also more irrigation valves. Spray sprinkler systems are ideal for small and medium-sized gardens. On the other hand, large spaces such as commercial lawns are served best by rotor heads.

What are the types of plants on your lawn?

In addition to the size of your lawn, the kind of plants and grass on the garden will also determine the type of irrigation system to buy. If there are shrubs and trees on the lawn, you might want to avoid the overhead watering system since these large plants will impede water from reaching all the areas of the garden. Additionally, plants that are susceptible to fungal infection might not be favored by the overhead system.

Consider the topography of the lawn

Is your lawn located on a flat piece of land or a slope? Lawns and gardens that are situated on hills or slopes are quite challenging when it comes to choosing suitable lawn irrigation supplies. This is because of the possibility of water running off the hill. When buying your supplies, consider the fully adjustable watering systems as they allow you to adjust the run time of the system. The flexible system will also enable you to control the amount of water to supply in different zones of the lawn since different zones require varying amounts of water depending on types of plants.

What is the type of soil in your lawn?

Clay soils have a high water-holding capacity. On the other hand, sandy soils have high infiltration and low water storage capacity. This will significantly affect the type of irrigation system you buy. For instance, surface irrigation is not suitable for sandy soils since the water will be washed as quickly as it is supplied. However, surface irrigation is ideal for clay soils which have low infiltration rates.

Take into consideration the climatic conditions of the area

The overhead sprinkling system is not ideal for windy, hot, and sunny regions since large amounts of water will go to waste due to the strong winds and evaporation. Drip and surface irrigation systems are ideal under such climatic conditions. If your irrigation system is a supplementary one, you might want to buy the drip or the sprinkler systems. These systems offer adaptability and flexibility to the varying watering demands of your lawn.

Consider the technological and technical aspects of the system

Generally, sprinkler and drip irrigation are technically more complicated than other methods. They require not only high capital investment, but also a high maintenance cost. The installation cost of these systems is too complicated and costly. However, the technological capabilities provided by drip and sprinkler methods are beneficial and financially rewarding in the long run.